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Want to help?


If you want to translate Flyspray into your language or improve existing translations, check your dedicated translation page.

Report bugs

If you've found a problem with Flyspray, we want to hear about it. If it's a very minor thing, it would be better if you quickly let us know on the mailing list. Also use the mailing list for comments about the homepage, or the development cycle, or… anything loosely Flyspray related. If it's something more major, we would appreciate it if you would file a bug report.

Help us code

If you know PHP, you are welcome to modify Flyspray to suit your needs. If you want to share your modifications, please send Subversion-style patches (from the project root, not subdirectories) to the mailing list. Be prepared to discuss your patch when we ask you about it. When designing your PHP code, follow the current coding style.

We realise that a lot of Flyspray's code isn't this clean, but we are working to remove the spaghetti a bit at a time.

Create a theme

There is a desperate shortage of themes for Flyspray. We really only maintain the Bluey theme; the others are lagging behind in features. We need someone to bring the other themes up to a good standard, or create new ones from scratch. If you have some skill with CSS, please let us know.

Port to other databases

We currently only support MySQL and PostgreSQL, but we would love to support others. If you use another database, we'd love to hear from you. We need reliable people to make ports to other databases, and keep them up-to-date.

Write documentation

Although we strive to make Flyspray easy to use, it's always helpful to have documentation available. Unfortunately we don't always have time to write both the Flyspray code and the user manual, and we prefer to concentrate on the code. All is not lost, as anyone can sign up at this wiki and edit pages in the User Manual section of the site.

We would like users of this wiki to write in English, and although we prefer British/Australian, we also accept American. :-) No other languages for now, thank you.

Please, only create or edit pages if you have something useful to write. If you just want to play around with the wiki, use the playground.

Talk to us

Tell us what we're doing right or wrong! It is very motivating when people take an interest in the project.

Although using Flyspray is free, developing it does cost money. Please consider donating a few dollars via Paypal to help fund development.

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