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Want to download Flyspray?

You've come to the right place. Before downloading, you might like to check the system requirements. The installation instructions might also be helpful for after you download.

Latest Stable Release

01 May 2009 - Flyspray - changelog

Official files

File Type Download URL SHA1SUM
Zip Archive 3b0e8422081197998d7d83ee5fdb1d6a0fb4d90c
Latest snapshot flyspray-0.9.9.tar.gz
Can be preferred over the latest release, contains all bug fixes. Only for upgrading from a stable release

Updating from previous versions

  • Create a backup of your files and database
  • Remove all files except the attachments directory and flyspray.conf.php
  • Copy the new files to the Flyspray directory
  • make sure flyspray.conf.php is writeable by the webserver.

Known Issues

  • None currently, but remember to read the FAQ

Stay informed about new releases

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Community contributions

Note: We only support the 'Official Files'. The other packages are submitted by Flyspray users, and are provided for your convenience. Support for packaging issues should be requested from the packager.

Unstable releases

Check the beta page.

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