Flyspray is proudly sponsored by The Veloz Group


Even though we strive to make Flyspray easy to install and use, we understand that sometimes you may need a helping hand. There are two support options available.

Free Support

Where you can go if you need help:

  • Read the FAQ
  • Check the documentation pages (they are outdated though atm)
  • Sign up for the mailing list
  • Security issue? Check our security page.
  • Problems with our website ? Let us know.
  • Found a bug? Please discuss it first (ML, forum, IRC) before adding it to our BTS.

Please do not contact the Flyspray developers via personal email unless we ask you to. We prefer all discussion to be done publicly on the mailing list. If you contact us outside of the mailing list or IRC on freenode #flyspray, don't think us rude if we assume that you want personal, paid support.

Personal Support

Flyspray is a free software project. We do all this on our own time, at no cost to you. Features get added as they make sense in the development timeline. If you require personal support, or need to have a certain special feature implemented immediately, please let us know. We are happy to discuss your needs, and work out a financial arrangement.

Currenlty only the following services are offered at fixed rates.

  • Installation or upgrade : 100 USD, one time fee, does not include any kind of customization, payment on advance.

All other type of requests should be discussed directly with developers.

If you are interested on commercial services write to services AT flyspray DOT org.

Remember: if you contact a developer privately, be prepared to pay for their time.

Although using Flyspray is free, developing it does cost money. Please consider donating a few dollars via Paypal to help fund development.

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